Crayons The Day Boarding School

Learning can be fun !

Crayons The Day Boarding School branches in various geographical locations of the world are co-ordinated   by American and Indian  Institute. Mrs. Arti Sharma is the key founder of the Sanganer and  Kardhani Branches in Jaipur

In this school, education organized in simple manner.

Children attend this schools at the age of about two or three years, Entering First year of education is an exciting experience for children. It is their first big step into formal education.

Our School ‘Crayons’ understands that the first years of School are of crucial importance. The first year class sets the tone for the entire Schooling years of the child. Our testimony declares that Crayons School is the best school to start your kids education.

Beginning with the Playgroup, the child traverses the Nursery, KG, and Prep stages in a challenging but unique way of learning.

some of favorable qualities are

  1. The building facility has been designed to offer learning and playing opportunities that support and enhance creativity, discovery, and exploration.
  2. The Prep center enfolds a separate play area, with split-level sandpit and a range of toys and play items.
  3. Indoors, each classroom has colourful tables and racks.
  4. Music centers have been separately planned out for pre-primary level.
  5. Above all is the sense of security and consistency that is provided to the child in these formative years.

The school operates in two sessions.

The regular session from :  9:30 am to 2:30 pm

The day boarding session :   9:30 am to 4:30 pm.